Are lessons not playing or buttons not clicking on your device? You need to download and install Adobe Flash Player (free!) for many Essential Education lessons.

However, many mobile devices (smartphones, iPad, tablets) do not allow installation of Adobe Flash Player! What to do? You need to download a free app called Puffin Web Browser. Puffin enables Flash on these devices, which allows your lessons to load properly.

Once downloaded, you can use Puffin just like a normal browser: enter your Essential Education website, bookmark it for future reference, and enter your login credentials. Important: Instead of using Safari (Apple) or Chrome (Android), you will open Puffin Web Browser app to log into your HomeRoom.

NOTE: We recommend that you use a tablet-size screen or larger to properly view lessons and buttons. This is particularly true of our practice tests, that are modeled are the official exams, designed to be taken only on desktop computers. Items may be too small to see on a mobile phone.

How to install Puffin Web Browser:

  1. Go to iTunes (Apple) or Google Play (Android) and download Puffin Web Browser.

  2. Once it has finished installing, open the app. Click “Next” through the pages describing some the features of Puffin Web Browser.

  3. On the last page, when asked “Which websites do you prefer?”, you need to select Desktop Site because Essential Education academies and courses are built for the full desktop site.

  4. Navigate the browser app like a normal:

    1. Click “Search Keyword o…” and start typing your login website; press Go and it will take you to the login page.

    2. Use the menu to bookmark your HomeRoom login page.

    3. Name your bookmark.